Tequila Sunrise garnished with orange and cherry, shot on a white background.

Liquor ‘Tree’ — Where Liquors Stem From

Liquor comes to us in an array of exciting spirits, from gin to tequila and whiskey. Each drink has its own unique, bold flavor and an even more fascinating origin. Before you enjoy your next Tequila Sunrise, we want to tell you about the process involved in producing your favorite liquors and what is inside. Fermentation is a process used in making beer and wine that relies … [Read More...]


Magical Malaysia, A Traveler’s Paradise

A popular spot on the well-trodden backpacker path, Malaysia is often visited, but rarely appreciated in full. Many tend to stop off here for a couple of days before moving on to Thailand, Singapore or Australia. If you’re planning your … Continue reading





The rise of DIY travelling

Whilst going on holiday once used to mean having to be treated like cattle on package holidays, now we can all enjoy a little more flexibility thanks to the rise of DIY travelling. This has been brought about courtesy of the free flow of information through … [Read More...]


Making The Best Of Your South African Adventure

South Africa is a gorgeous country with lots of good to see. It’s also one that has something of a troubled history that can put people off it. I think this is a shame and not one that’s entirely necessary. There is a high level of crime to be wary of. … [Read More...]